Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy New Year and Farewell

by littlewhy

Iraqi Bloggers Roundup is closing. This blog was created by Torchbearer; he later invited me (littlewhy) and Louise to contribute posts as he couldn't update here very often. About two months ago Torch went silent. He hasn't reappeared and for this reason Louise and I have agreed to let the blog lapse.

I've certainly enjoyed it here. As my most popular posts were the Obscure Iraqi Blog posts, I'll continue to write those and post them over at my blog Winter Soldier. Please drop by there.

Perhaps this blog will return someday if Torchbearer comes back. I do hope that he's okay.

Here's hoping 2005 is a better year all around, especially for Iraqis and coalition soldiers.

Fare you well,