Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Thursday, October 14, 2004

“The value of an Enron share”

If you have been reading my thoughts on Iraqi bloggers comments pages, you may have seen me occasionally take an anti-war or anti-US poster to task, with, I’m not ashamed to say, a considerable degree of vehemence and snide language. They deserve it, after all.

There are several of them who post pretty much the same tired old rhetoric over and over and I, for one, am not entirely convinced that the anti-everything crowd is in fact anything more than a handful of people posting under a variety of aliases. If these posts are actually coming from more than a handful of people, they resemble the rent-a-leftie crowd that, totally on cue, rallies everytime there is a big street protest somewhere, pretending to speak for those without a voice. They are the modern day equivalent of Hitler Youth and, frankly, they are starting to scare me.

A couple of weeks ago I had an encounter with one Wadard, who claims to be Australian, and who (hopefully he will correct me if I’m wrong) also stated at one time that he is of Jewish ancestry. I mention his ancestry only because his position in “support” of oppressed peoples of the world is surprisingly unsupportive. It usually astonishes me when I hear someone, claiming to be of Jewish heritage, so blinded by his irrational hatred of the US, that he does not recognize the cries of genuinely oppressed people.

He is certainly not the only rent-a-leftie who endlessly rails against the United States, while turning a cold, blind eye and stone-deaf ear away from any discussion of the nature of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The only thing they seem to be able to do, and it is with bland cookie-cutter consistency, is bash the USA!!

Now, I’m not about to say that the United States is totally innocent of anything remotely resembling wrongdoing, especially during the Cold War. But as I pointed out to a kindred spirit of Wadard’s, named –c- (Yes, that was his/her name. When not posting with the ubiquitous and nefarious nom-de-plume “anonymous”, they opt for the cutesy, cutesy.), there are precious few nations in the world that have maintained perfectly, lily-white hands down through the ages.

But these folks apparently think the United States of American is the new nigger, the new kike, and they are entitled to slander and piss on every effort taken by my southern neighbours to do good in the world, in this case toppling a tyrant who had ranked year after year as the king of human rights abusers, second only to Adolf Hitler.

Another Iraqi blogger fan, a citizen of Belgium, had these strange new lefties perfectly pegged:

“They "care" about 15,000 dead Iraqis during OIF and its aftermath. Those deaths presumably having been inflicted by "whites". Yet they don't "care" at all for 1,000,000 dead when the deaths come from inter-Muslim conflicts….In other words, … an Arab life gains excessive value when it is "taken" by a white. On the other hand, the value of an Arab life goes down like an Enron share when it is taken by an Arab. Conclusion: Leftists are the real racists.”

If the Wadards of the world are the new automatons of mindless hatred, I am curious to know: Who is their Balder Von Schirack?

Louise – the Iraqi blog addict