Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Thursday, October 21, 2004

New-Found Freedom

For all the naysayers that think the US and multinational forces have brought only death and destruction to Iraq, Firas at Iraq & Iraqis would like to share this with you:

"From a free country I want to say by the name of all those who share my opinions, and I don’t think we are a minority, that we do feel our freedom and we intended to keep it whatever it cost and we do feel that the future will be better and the light of the sunrise which begun on the 9th of April 2003 will continue to shine all over Iraq and Iraqis and January is not far to prove what I am saying."

Omar at Iraq the Model is enjoying one of his new-found freedoms. For the first time in his life, he was allowed to leave the country:

"This may sound silly but It’s really something nice to be able to move freely, leave your country whenever you want and come back whenever you like and I can’t describe to you what I felt when I saw the word “EXIT” printed on one of the passport’s pages; I was sad for what we missed and at the same time optimistic and happy for what’s waiting for us in the future. Life seemed normal for me for the 1st time in my life. Soon after the war we could sense freedom immediately but this time we experienced it in a way that we haven’t before. It was an amazing feeling!
Despite all what’s Baghdad is going through, nothing can match the peace I felt when I walked down from the airplane in Baghdad's airport."

Despite what we see in the media and hear from Riverbend and the Jarrars, there are Iraqis enjoying the benefits of freedom. These brave souls understand the incredible sacrifices and determination it takes to keep it. These individuals are why we must be committed to seeing this through. After 35 years of oppression and tyranny, they deserve to live in a free, democratic society full of hope and promise for the future.

- Torch