Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Muddy Waters of Faiza's Mind

When reading Faiza’s posts do you ever find yourself confused, befuddled, bewildered? Do her statements seem contradictory and illogical? Do you ever wonder how one person's mind could be so muddied and clouded? Her latest post is another fine example of her twisted, dangerous logic:

“As for the kidnapping gangs, killings, and beheadings on the internet…and the daily trapped cars…the killings of the new recruiters in the Iraqi Police and Army…these are a two-edged weapon… they prove Bush's inability to control the situation, if his enemies were behind them. And at the same time, he uses them to his advantage, a pretext to remain here and clean Iraq of terrorism.”

First, she has doubts as to who are the perpetrators of the kidnappings, killings, and beheadings. In her clouded mind, she can actually imagine George Bush to be involved in these terrorist acts. She also thinks that these horrendous deeds are an excuse to keep our forces there for some nefarious reasons. Of course we already know what those are- to steal the oil and support the Zionist entity (a.k.a. Israel) or in Faiza’s words:

“We get two birds by one stone….we confirm our existence in Iraq, with the ploy of fighting terrorism, and control the fate of all the states of the region. And protect America and its people, from terrorism and its people. (There are two more birds in the story: Iraqi Oil, the free treasure, and protecting the loved, pampered Israel)…ha, ha, ha…”

Yes, I’m still waiting for my 50 barrels of heavy crude. Were they sending that FedEx or UPS? And for those that may have suspected that Raed’s anti-semitism stemmed only from his Palestinian father’s teachings, you know better now.

Faiza finishes her lengthy piece of propaganda with this truly confusing and illogical statement:

“This gap between us and the American Media, is used by the Bush Administration, to tell colorful stories…
Come here, and listen to the true stories…
How do we remove the veil from your eyes, and show you the truth?? And there are thousands upon thousands of miles between us….and this is to the advantage of those who wouldn't want you to know the truth….
But you shall…sooner or later…”

So if the media is showing kidnappings, suicide bombs, beheadings, and civilian deaths and these are NOT the truth then what is the truth? Could the truth actually be what so many of the other Iraqi bloggers describe- a nation moving slowly, painfully but surely in the footsteps of freedom and democracy? Could it be rebuilding of schools, hospitals, businesses? Could it be the freedom to criticize the government, to express yourself in artistic endeavors, to assemble in women’s societies, to vote for your local and national leaders? We want the truth about this situation and Faiza claims to offer it, but she parrots the same stories and tragedies as the American media and then claims these to be false. Does this make sense to anyone? I’m so confused…