Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

M.I.A. or P.O.W.?

Recently, some of my favorite bloggers have been either unable or unwilling to blog. With some high-tech equipment (my computer) and extensive research (reading blog comments) I've been able to track down these missing bloggers and will now update you on their current status:

Salam Pax Shut up you fat whiner!
current status- M.I.A.

Rumor has it Salam is in Canada for the Vancouver International Film Festival 2004. He's there to present his documentary Baghdad Blogger/Salam Pax--Video Reports from Iraq. He's scheduled to attend the screenings of his film on October 6th and 7th. Here's an excerpt from the Festival summary:

"Salam Pax introduces us to something we have never seen before, namely, the new Iraq, where despite ongoing violence and occupation, Iraqi citizens are expressing themselves in ways impossible under Saddam Hussein. In this series of video-diary entries, the blogger who describes himself as an architect--but not a good one--invites us to keep watching as the new Iraq is born. His sharply edited video blogs are often provocative in their questions, and both humorous and sensitive in their observations. With an eye for amazing sights, he takes us along on his adventures to witness the transformations. What he sees has convinced him the war was totally worth it, even if the Americans have not delivered the "democracy, whisky and sex" a few Iraqis had hoped for."

If you're in Vancouver or willing to make the trip, you can purchase tickets to Wednesday's screening at 7:15 p.m. for $9 (Canadian I assume) or Thursday's at 1:40 p.m. for $7.

Friggin' lucky Canadians...


current status: M.I.A.

Zeyad's last post was on September 16. He hasn't officially been reported as missing and I'm going to agree with our commenter Kris in Seattle:
"If there were a problem, we would have heard about it from either AYS or one of the Fadhil bros. During one of his previous absences I emailed him and got a response that he is sometimes too busy to blog and at other times lacks motivation, and not to worry. As another commenter said, paraphrasing, what Zeyad lacks in quantity, he makes up for in quality. I agree - he's worth the wait."
I'm going to assume he's fine, just suffering from a little blog burn out.


current status: P.O.W.

Until recently, the last we'd heard from Sarmad was when he re-posted Al-Sadr's speech to the American people. He reemerged yesterday with this devastating news:

"Thank you all, and forgive me, for not posting or answering any one email, I was through very difficult situation, and the was so many troubles I been through.
I got many threats, if I keep writing they will kill me and my family.
it seems that things still for some people is same they use to be.
time stopped for them, and they cant under stand the time is rolling, and things will never be like it be.
but because this thing was not related only to me, but was related with other persons, and those was my family members, I preferred not to take things, in away that heart any one, and deal with the whole issue, as a serious thing, and this was not an easy job.
I hope I did the right thing, and I am sorry again.
But this thing was bigger than I can afford.
I hope things will be better for Iraq and Iraqis and the whole world."

Sarmad, I am so sorry that your beautiful gift of sharing your life, hopes and dreams with the world has brought you such grief and terror. You are in our hearts and thoughts daily. May your wonderful spirit and extraordinary soul find peace and happiness.

To the cowardly, low-life, scum-sucking, flea-infested, venomous degenerates that threatened Sarmad I would like to say that you are nothing more than a gangrenous, pus-filled, seeping boil upon society and I hope very soon that a well-trained, heavily-armed American soldier surgically and permanently removes you from existence. You don't deserve to lick the soil off the bottom of Sarmad's shoe.

-Oops, forgot to add that this post is by me, Torch.