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Saturday, October 02, 2004

For Those Who May Have Thought Raed Still had an Ounce of Sanity...

Here's his latest post:

"How many of us heard about the children killed in falluja two days ago by an American attack?

How many of us heard about the Iraqi children killed in baghdad yesterday by an Iraqi attack?

So let me get this straight. The U.S. soldiers were giving sweets to the Iraqi children?

I can imagine the face of the dense pentagon war-reporter sitting in the morning meeting with his boss in Baghdad and proposing the idea:
dumb: SIR, hmmm, I mean, hmmmm, why don't we say that our troops were distributin' candy bars? Doesn't that give, hmmm, whatchamacallit, hmmm, a better public image, SIR?
dumber: Oh, yeah, whoa, what an idea son, you are really inspired.

So where did the troops bring the sweets from? Let me guess, they either bought it using their personal money from local markets in Baghdad to support the Iraqi economy and feed the Iraqi children (sheds a tear), or the children-friendly-soldiers in the pentagon decided to spend some of the one billion dollars a week for sending bubble gums and sweets for Iraqis directly from the land of freedom.

Well, I have another "evil" analysis...
Hmmm, don't you think that in a war zone like Iraq, with more than 85 attacks on occupation troops everyday, the fact that American soldiers were letting children gather around their dirty tanks and hum-vees, the same tanks that bombed and killed their relatives and friends, is a mere cheap plan for using children as human shields?

Who killed the children in falluja?
Who killed the children in Baghdad?"

Yeah, suuuure Raed. The American soldiers have decided to use the ever-popular, always good-image-producing, widely-accepted tactic of using children as human shields. What a great way to win the media's approval and win over lots of Iraqi hearts! Never mind the fact that it didn't prevent the terrorists from detonating their bombs. You know what those are don't you Raed? Bombs are the things that actually killed the children and left dozens of others injured.

Although in your warped mind, it's all the soldiers fault. Not just for being present, but for actually gathering the children around the tanks for nefarious purposes. Riiiiiight...that's much more logical than the soldiers trying to show their good intentions and cultural sensitivity by practicing an Iraqi tradition of handing out sweets to celebrate an event. I think you forgot to mention that it was all planned by President Bush to help boost his campaign. There's nothing like a slaughter of innocents to help further a cause. Chechen rebels seem to think it works. The massacre in Beslan was a noble act for independence wasn't it Raed? It would be despicable only if Americans were involved. After all, America is the REAL evil (all the Baathist schoolbooks told you so, didn't they?)