Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Friday, October 01, 2004

Fiday's Roundup

Sam at Hammorabi has some inside information on the terrorist that killed 34 children yesterday in Baghdad:

"…his dirty body was disintegrated and they found only part of his trouser. When they opened the pocket of the trouser they found several tablets of Viagra produced in Saudi Arabia and written on it (happy journey to paradise; don't forget your Viagra!)"

If there's any justice in this world, his 72 virgins will be a bunch of loony, non-shaving, non-bathing, peace activist whiners that can't shut up about how evil mankind is, or at leat maybe one of them will be Janeane Garofalo.


Nabil reports on another kind of terror from Iraq- the Iraqi youth football team!

"Today Iraq won against Yemen 2-0 and qualified to the next round, Iraq now is in the top of the group with 9 points and 7 goals and either South Korea or Thailand will qualify with Iraq as a second team. Iraq's next match is against Syria I think it will be easy match for Iraq."

Yeah, kicking butt and taking names! Olay, olay, olay Iraq!


Omar at Iraq the Model reports that some of the tribes in Iraq are ready to clean up Fallujah themselves:

From Al Sabah: Four tribes’ chiefs promised to declare a threat to the militants in Fallujah that they should turn themselves to the authorities peacefully or the tribes will fight them.

Rafidain net reported governmental sources saying that four tribes in Baghdad, Ramadi, Tikrit have promised to destroy the terrorism foci in the city of Fallujah after knowing that the American troops are preparing a major assault in the next couple of weeks.


On the lighter side, Najma has a new photo of Aya today on her one month birthday.

♪ Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Aya!
Happy Birthday to you! ♪

By the way, I am completely tone deaf so be glad there’s no audio.