Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Will the Real Raed Jarrar Please Stand Up?

Raed has just put up the rest of this week's posts:

Tuesday, August 31st
The American morons and their treasonous puppets have allowed militias to control Falluja, Ramadi, Najaf, and Kufa. Idiots! They shouldn't have attacked! They shouldn't have stopped attacking! Bushtani is a treacherous pawn of a U.S. administration that thinks violence is the solution to every problem. They shouldn't have allowed Bushtani to resolve the Najaf crisis peacefully.

Wednesday, September 1st
Drank some tea today. Grrrrrrrr! I just so hate those callous, stupid, militaristic, Zionist influenced, oil coveting, duplicitous, ignorant, conniving, hegemonic, crusading, evil, incompetent, controlling, unfeeling, manipulative, fatuous, scheming, simplistic, self-interested, ideologically zealous, insular, empire seeking, malevolent, all powerful, impotent American bastards!

Thursday, September 2nd
It rained today. Those fucking rained. Can you believe it? Bush and his neo-con cabal made it rain. Bastards. Bush is stupid. Grrrrrrrr.

Friday, September 3rd
Aaaaaargh. Whhhheeeg. glllrrrg. bush stupid glrg. nyeaarg

Oops, my mistake. These are actually the work of a "very friendly and helpful dude" that offered to take some of the anti-American, Bush-bashing load off Raed for the week. Now every time I see a comment on his blog like this: Aaaaaargh. Whhhheeeg. glllrrrg. bush stupid glrg. nyeaarg, I'm going to have to ask myself, is that Raed or John Kerry spouting off during another of his drug-induced, Purple Heart-worthy, Swift-boat-through-Cambodia, hallucinatory rides?