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Saturday, September 11, 2004

We Will Never Forget

Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; and to all the Heroes that responded to the emergency 11 September 2001.

Steve Golding, the creator of the video:

"I created this page to honor those I lost, those that America had lost and all of those dedicated, caring human beings who responded to this wanton cowardly act and who we refer to simply as heroes. To help sustain our nation resolve while we respond to this horrific attack. Images of that day are burnt into my soul that I will never forget. Images that no one should ever see. My soul aches."

Read his entire statement here.


The Mind of Thee
Angela Swanger

In the mind of thee,
I wish that I could see.

To know the thought within,
To provoke such evil sin.

But not the mind of thee,
Is found within the mind of me.

I know not the way you thought,
That such a tragedy you sought.

In the mind of thee,
I never want to be!

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