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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Lord Voldemort and Iraq
by Fayrouz, Live from Dallas

“Lately, Iraq has been a practical example for the Harry Potter story. Al-Sadr being Lord Voldemort. Yes, he is. Let's stop denying the fact that he's ruining the future of Iraq. Harry Potter is Al-Sistani, who solves any crisis by the end of every episode of Sistani Potter and Lord Sadr. Allawi reminds me so much of Professor Dumbledore, who supposedly has the ultimate powers but didn't act much during the first rounds while Voldemort was running around killing every good person in the wizardly world.

Last week, we watched the latest episode of Harry Sistani and Lord Sadr. Everyone wished this would be the end of Lord Sadr. No no, why would we be logical and solve this issue once and forever. Iraqi government -- Professor Dumbledore and his staff -- pardoned this murderer again so he could regain his powers in few months and start another episode of his chaotic acts. Not only pardoned for murders already committed, but by giving him the additional right to participate in the Iraqi political process. How wonderful is that? Lord Voldemort for Congress.”

Yes, another fine example of how truth is stranger than fiction.


Alaa (The Mesopotamian) never fails to remind us of the resiliency and courage of the Iraqi people:

“Today the Interim National Assembly held its first meeting. Several mortars fell near the place where the proceedings were taking place, some shaking the walls of the building. These explosions did not seem to bother those present in the slightest. For those who doubt the bravery and determination of the Iraqi people, just imagine this happening anywhere else. Would any other assembly in any other place just continue its work with such absolute calm and normalcy under similar circumstances?”

Read the whole thing here.

If you haven’t been reading the Kurdish blogs, you should be. Kurds are playing an important role in shaping the political future of Iraq. Hiwa at Kurdistan Bloggers Union expresses “pride, joy, caution, care, wonder, excitement” at the news that Dr. Foad Masoom will be heading the Iraqi National Assembly. Dr. Masoom and approximately 20 other Kurds are part of the assembly. Hiwa is cautiously optimistic, but shows perseverance and determination- “we must work harder and harder, we have a long way to go!” Bravo Hiwa!

Sarmad started a new job this week. When you get a chance, stop by and wish him well. Congratulations Sarmad!


Congratulations to Najma and hnk! They are the proud aunts of a beautiful, new niece- Aya.


Combat Doc at A Candle in the Dark has an interesting assessment of the War on Terror:

“Somalia and Mohammed Farah Aidid were funded by Bin Laden. The bombing of the World Trade Center was partly funded by Bin Laden. The bombing of the Embassy's in Africa were Bin Laden funded. The bombing of the Riyadh barracks was Bin Laden. The bombing of the USS Cole was Bin Laden funded. What do all these things have in common, Clinton. Why is Bush being given all the heat for this so-called intelligence failure. When the US was attacked by the Taliban and Al-Qaida Bush attacked and destroyed the government and terrorist organization that committed this act. So why does Bush get all the heat for this when he acted after one attack but Clinton did nothing after five much less one.”

Like Combat Doc, I’m no fan of Bush, but I agree that there is a rather hypocritical stance being taken up by the left. They blame Bush for allowing 9/11 to happen and then vilify him for doing something to prevent it from happening again. How exactly do they think you fight terrorism? With warm hugs and wet kisses?