Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Time to Shake Things Up

If you've been checking the comments pages, then you'll already have a pretty good idea about the new changes. First, I'm opening up the blog to some new and hopefully permanent, contributors. I'd like to start out by welcoming my friend from across the border, Louise, to Iraqi Bloggers Roundup. She'll be posting on the discussions and comments of other Iraqi blog frequentors, so you better watch what you write. It may just come back to haunt you.

The second big change is the unveiling of ...drum roll please...
Beyond the Blackened Stump. This will be the side show to the Roundup. A place for East and West, Left and Right and everyone in between to put down their guards, set aside their differences, and get back in touch with their humanity. Scott from Oregon and myself will be editing, but we want YOUR input and contributions. Send us your pictures, jokes, links to your favorite websites, funny anecdotes, or anything else that tickles your funny bone (or cerebral cortex).

Get your digital out of your pocket and snap it to me...

Election season is bearing down on us like a security guard after you've just lifted your favorite Mall store gadget, and is looking just as frothy. Like security guards, elections come with badges.... and signage, and a whole lot of lecturing on what we're gonna do to you...
Amusing stuff when you dismiss the fact that voting in a government is a profoundly influential ritual that plays huge roles in the way our lives live out....
On my way down the road, I happened to see a cloistered group of signs in a yard in a neighborhood, in a smallish town, about as far away from Washington DC and Iraq as you could place a smallish town.

US out of the UN NOW!
Jesus is Coming Soon.
Bush/Cheney '04
Bob for dogcatcher...(OK, a bunch of local district signs that I can't remember)
I also saw two signs juxtaposed-- Kerry/Edwards One Man, One Woman.
And then these two-- Bush/Cheney No Hunting

I thought it would be a unique twist to blogging if we used pictures to display election time and posted them here. Seen a funny yard full of election posters?

We'll post them
here and invite as many Iraqis as we can to stop by to see how silly we get when we are doing something as serious as choosing our government. Don't be shy. Do a drive by shooting and send your results to us.