Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Is Iraq Spiraling into Chaos?

Every day we hear more tales of kidnappings, beheadings, suicide bombs, and civilian deaths. There seems to be no end to the acts of terrorism targeting foreigners and even Iraqis themselves. The latest U.S. National Intelligence Estimate report on Iraq predicts three possible scenarios. The most favorable outcome was described as "a tenuous stability". A second possibility was increased extremism and fragmentation impeding rebuilding efforts. The worst case scenario was developments that could lead to civil war. Some of the Iraqi bloggers speculate that Iraq is headed towards this bleakest of possibilities.

Kardox reports on the first sign of civil war in the north:

"The beheading of the three young Kurdish boys has created such hatred for Arabs that several Arabs for the past day has been killed or beaten. According a friend of mine 3 Arabs were killed by Kurds in Mosul yesterday after the video of the Kurds were published on a website. Arab gangs in Kerkuk are kidnapping Kurdish children and demanding their families for ransom has also generated a lot of hatred. This anger people feel will soon boil over and Kerkuk will turn into a battlefield and the Americans cannot do anything to stop it. If the Arab tribes in the Mosul area join into this ethnic fight, the civil war will spread to Mosul too."

Sam gives us his perspective on the powers behind the mounting tensions in Iraq:

"The Shia knew that several outside terrorist organisations planning to create a war between Sunni and Shia. However the Sunnis are not doing any thing about this but rather they still dream about their benefits from the previous regime and their absolute control of power over all the other sects in Iraq in spite being a minority for hundreds of years.

The Arabs who are mostly Sunni especially the Wahabis in the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia doing every thing possible to make the absolute Sunni control of power to go back to crush the others in Iraq. Wahabis consider all the people other than the Sunnis as infidels and should be killed as and when there is an opportunity to do so. This killing according to their doctrine is in the name of God who is innocent from this sin.

Iran on the other hand in spite its Shiite doctrine but they first fight the US in Iraq and second they don't like to lose their leadership for the Shia in the world if Najaf schools and universities going back to its glory which was hindered by the Iraqi dictator regimes. If this happened it may attract several Shiite scholars to migrate from Iran to Najaf.

If a civil war occurs all the possibilities will get opened but the terrorists will implement their own plan which will not [be] confined to Iraq alone. It will certainly and without any doubt spread quickly to the other countries. The first countries to which the trouble will get in are the same countries which incubate terrorist doctrine and send its graduates to Iraq and other regions. No regional country will be immune at all."


The situation appears rather bleak. Mainstream media leads us to believe that there is no hope for Iraq and that Iraqis themselves are doing nothing to combat terrorism or improve the current situation. Not all of the Iraqi bloggers see the situation in such pessimistic terms.

For example, Omar at Iraq the Model reports that the citizens of Baghdad are not idly sitting by while terrorists are running around planting mines:

"According to New Sabah newspaper, after a road side bomb exploded missing an American convoy that was patrolling in the area, a group of citizens who happened to be there noticed a bunch of young men who looked foreigners (turned out to be Syrians) that were gathering near the place and that looked suspicious. The citizens found their attitude very suspicious and they were not from the area, so they jumped on them and kicked them until some of them started to bleed and then turned them on to the American forces. Eyewitnesses said that the citizens were shouting 'Terrorists. You are targeting our children and families. You are killing our youths'."

"This incident that took place near Haifa street comes after many attacks that terrorist Arabs were accused of carrying against American forces and Iraqi police stations."

Firas George at Iraq & Iraqis has not given up on the future of Iraq and suggests a Secret War to fight terrorism:

"In our war against terrorism we do need to open the world eyes to see the truth about how terrorism [is] being financed and to establish an antiterrorism fund to finance the secret war against it and to let it accept donation from all over the world, by that we can give a chance to anyone who don't have a role in war against terrorism to have one. Also we need a secret army to fight that war and all its leads and any expected leads, that means we must even fight those who are openly supporting terrorism and don't hide it, actually they are declaring it on the media and starting their own media and TV stations, because there is no enough reasons for such station to be the sound of those killers but to be financed by them or by their supporters, and why a secret army? So it will act positively without any fears of being known and harme them or their families by those blind brain washed killers."

Alaa (The Mesopotamian) remains optimistic:

"Very hard thinking of the required strategy is required; and with all the powerful, technically advanced people on the side of the majority of the Iraqi people who just long for a peaceful decent outcome of this situation; surely the right solutions can be found. This can't be harder than reaching the moon or splitting the atom!"