Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good News/Bad News

Dagger Jag has a new post today describing some of the recent successes and setbacks in the province he's working in. Progress includes renovation and building of schools, hospitals, courthouses, police and fire stations, water treatment plants, and job training programs. Setbacks have occurred not only due to sporadic attacks, but failures of the local government in taking charge and making decisions:

"For most of Iraq's recent history (even before Saddam's era) all decisions of any importance were made in Baghdad. Everything was centralized. So now we have local leaders who are incapable of making decisions without approval from the central authority. Even if they are now empowered to make those decisions."

It will take much time, patience and love to heal an entire nation of


Ferid also has a
good news/bad news post today.
The good news- he's got a new car. SWEEEEEEEET!
The bad news- he failed his final exams. UHHHHHHHG!
When you get a chance, drop by and tell him he's no LOSER. He's Ferid the Great!


For those seeking only the dark cloud on the horizon, there's always
Khalid's blog. Today's post has him recycling some old military footage of a missile strike on suspected insurgents. Of course these are all innocent, unarmed civilians just out on a leisurely midnight stroll through the streets of Fallujah. Mostly women and kids. On their way to a wedding, too.

Is there ANY conspiracy theory this guy DOESN'T fall for? Hey Khalid, I have it on good authority that the aliens are coming to abduct you out of your bed tonight. They want to conduct unnatural experiments on your body and impregnate you with an alien/human hybrid. Of course, the real motive is to implant a mind-control chip in your brain so that there won't be any resistance when they come to steal all your oil. Bush is kicking himself right now for not thinking of it himself. Anyway, you might want to sleep in your Mama's bed tonight. Don't forget the tinfoil hat (keeps them from probing your mind) and your fuzzy slippers (just to keep your feet warm if the aliens manage to get you- I've heard it's kinda chilly on their spacecrafts.)