Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Monday, September 20, 2004

Back to School

Majid Jarrar is blogging again. He's at his new school in Canada and has several great pics of the campus and nearby activities. The question is, why is he studying in Canada and not Baghdad? In his own words:

"...that resolution that came out from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education saying that non-Iraqi students are no longer allowed to study in Iraq, neither depending on their grades nor on their money, did nothing but assured me that I’m no longer welcomed in my country. "

Apparently, the Iraqi government decided that non-Iraqis (i.e. Palestinians) will no longer get preferential treatment in post-Saddam Iraq. No more free housing, military exemptions, or university stipends. No more Baathist bonus points added to your final grades, either. Yeah, it's just rough all over for the Jarrar family. If things get much worse, they may have to sell off one of their Mercedes or even the vacation house in Jordan.